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DCI Compliance testing solution for Digital Cinema Entities, DCP and KDM.

cine.analyzer provides a testing environment in which digital cinema mastering device manufacturer or standard validation institute to verify DCI compliance digital cinema entities on CTP v1.2 (DCI Compliance Test Plan)
cine.analyzer supports test scope design, automatic validation and report generation functions for all CTP procedural test items.

It includes digital certificates, KDM, DCP.
cine.analyzer can help CTP testers to reduce overall testing time, eliminate the potential mistakes which could happen during manual testing process and get rid of the tester’s burden on tedious reporting work.

cine.analyzer Features

Convenient test design
  • Definable test scope
  • Automatic testing based on DCI CTP v1.2
Quick compliance test for digital cinema data
  • X.509 Certificate, KDM, DCP(2K, 4K, stereoscopic)
Easy data analyzing
  • Plain/Ciphered DCP playing (2K, 4K)
  • Analyzed DCP Structure/KDM/Certification
  • Provide various formats of analyzed information
    (Text/Binary/HTML Format)
Arranged result report
  • HTML based summary and detail report
  • Explanation of reason on the test failure