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Bookscan Copyright Management System

A system for copyright management and illegal copy
prevention on the scanned books

BCMS is a system for copyright management and illegal copy prevention on the scanned books created by the scanning service providers.

BCMS supports transparent and reliable copyright protection and management environment by providing the essential protection technologies on scanning books, which are automated identification, licensing history and social DRM.

System Functions

License information management

Book copyright holder can register and manage the license information to allow or not allow the scanning.

Licensing history management

Licensing history issued through the bookscan service are logged and managed.

imageID DRM

Scanned book is encrypted with user’s personal information which is based on Readium LCP, so that private copy is allowed but indiscriminate redistribution is prevented.

Automated identification

Scanned book can be identified by its fingerprint information, followed by being provided its metadata by SCOBIS system.


Copyright management on the scanned book by trust organization

  • Royalty collection and distribution management on scanned copyright works generated by bookscan service provider

Copyright protection measure for bookscan service provider

  • To make the service more secure against illegal distribution of the licensed books
  • To prevent illegal redistribution overstepping the private copy bounds

System Features

imageID DRM technology

  • Providing Lightweight DRM Technology based on the IDPF Readium LCP
  • Allowing user convenience for the private copy under user discretion
  • Supporting various OS (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android)

Scanned book identification technology

  • Fast identification by the fingerprint information of the scanned book
  • Providing license information and metadata of the scanning book
  • Supporting automatic inserting function into the scanned book on the metadata