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image Identification Technology

Fast and Accurate image Identification Technology

imageID is technology used for identifying digital images. imageID provides superior identification performance for a wide range of digital images, including webtoon works, artwork, photos, etc. imageID also identifies images that are distorted, including changes to the resolution, mosaics, partial cropping, and noise insertions.

imageID can be used in various fields such as webtoons, identification of illegally distributed photographs, identification and blocking of leaked personal pictures, promotion and marketing of images, protection of important company image assets, and image search and deduplications. Finally, a cloud-based service and client SDKs are provided for short-term integration.


Image Identification

Ability to extract, compare, and analyze image feature points to identify images

Link to image service websites

Ability to link to image service websites providing the original image after the image is identified

Image Search

Ability to search image by image using image identification technology

Image information registration and management

Ability to register and manage the information (title, owner, registration date, identifier, etc.) of the image to be identified using imageID

Application fields

Promotion & marketing of images

Identify promotional images and automatically connect to image-linked websites

Identify & block leaked personal photos

Identify and block the illegal distribution of personal photos with image data monitoring

Protection of important company images assets

Detect images such as blueprints and drawings included in e-mails to block external leakage

Avoid illegal distribution of image assets

Identify and block illegally distributed image assets on domestic and overseas portal websites and websites

Search broadcast content

Search for image-based broadcasting contents using key frame images of archived broadcasting assets

Image search & duplicate removal

Image-based search and deduplication for image registration and image management

Technical Features

Superior identification performance
  • Real-time identification performance
  • Supports low-end computing (Identification within 1 sec. based on 5M images on a regular PC)
Support for various input file formats
  • Image format: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Compressed format: ZIP, TAR, RAR, etc.
  • Document format: PDF, EPUB
Abnormal (distorted) image identification
  • Resolution, color variation
  • Translation
  • Partial mosaic
  • Truncated, combined
  • Noise insertions
Supports various OS environments
  • Feature point extraction API that can run on both Windows and Linux OS

Service Types

  • Solution sales or Amazon (AWS) cloud-based ASP services
  • Solution sale providing both server and client SDKs