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Content DRM Technology

OPENS DRM is a standards-based content protection technology supporting the EPUB3 security guidelines of the W3C (IDPF), the Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection) international industry standard of the Readium Foundation, and the Korean standard of EPUB DRM.
OPENS DRM conforms to W3C XML Encryption and W3C XML Signature standards and is based on X.509 certificate standards established as international standards, providing a strong level of security.

OPENS DRM supports EPUB3 standard format which can include various kinds of contents. It can protect various kinds of contents such as comics, images, audio, video, AR / VR contents and CAD design drawings including EPUB and PDFs which can be used to secure corporate confidential information.

Components of OPENS DRM


  • Certificate server based on the ITU-T X.509 standard
  • OPENS DRM Packager, licensing server, and issuing and managing certificates for OPENS DRM Client

OPENS DRM Packager

  • Compliance with KS national standard (EPUB DRM Interoperability Technical Specification)
  • Complies with the IDPF EPUB Security Guidelines
  • Readium LCP Standards Compliant

OPENS License Server

  • Licensing server for licensing the content
  • Settings for various permission conditions (Period, printing, etc.)


  • • Provides a DRM processing function in conjunction with the content viewer
  • Compliance with the KS national standard (EPUB DRM Interoperability technical specifications)
  • Supports various OS (WIN, OSX, iOS, Android)
  • Supports various formats (EPUB, PDF, CAD)

OPENS DRM Key Features

Standards-based open DRM technology

  • Adherence to the IDPF's EPUB Security Guidelines
  • Compliance with the KS national standard (KS X 6072-1 ~ 5)
  • Supports the Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection) standard

Supports the End-to-End Content Distribution Model

  • Consistent encryption of content in a complex value-chain structure ranging from the content creators, intermediaries, content providers, and the final consumers
  • End-to-end security control model support eliminates the security vulnerabilities that come with the content delivery and distribution

Supports DRM interoperable interface

  • Provides a standard interface between the content viewer and the DRM client
  • Multiple DRM client modules can be linked in one content viewer

Supports Content Streaming Service (Coming Soon!)

  • Upload encrypted content to a web server for download and streaming services
  • A streaming server is not required when streaming the video content
  • Content files over 1GB can be viewed in less than 1 second